Academic Programme

The current educational reforms emphasising the importance of child-centred and activity based education is said to bring a new awakening in education. In addition to the improvement in Sinhala medium education, another bold step taken ten years ago was the setting up of the English Medium Stream from Pre-school to Advanced Level. The English medium classes will equip students to conquer the challenges in the world of English medium education

A programme to develop computer education among the students is one of the significant moves we took thirteen years ago. It has made a mark in the emerging Information Technology era with new facilities made available to them on a regular basis. The students of Sujatha Vidyalaya are fortunate to have a fully equipped, modern IT Laboratory with the latest computers and colour printers along with Internet, email and networking facilities. Students of higher grades can follow the Diploma Courses conducted by our Vocational Training arm: the Academy of Professional Studies (APS).

Library facilities are made available to all and reading is encouraged with the allocation of a library period in the Time-table. Our spacious Library is fully equipped with the latest books, periodicals and compact discs.

There has been a remarkable improvement in the examination results over the past five years. At the Grade 5 Scholarship Examination in 2009, 15 students obtained more than 150 marks. At the G.C.E. (O/L) exam that same year 53 out of 60 students (88%) qualified to follow Advanced Level studies. It is worthy to mention that the students who got the best results remained at Sujatha to follow Advanced Level classes. A number of students obtaining three A's at the recent Advanced Level examination is a remarkable achievement. All students with 3A's are those who had studied at Sujatha right from the beginning. In order to further improve the standard of English among the A/L students, an English Diploma Course is conducted to empower them with adequate confidence to face the challenges of the future.